ACE (Act, Change, Educate) | Computer Donation Program

About the program

The ACE Technology Donation program is another fundraising initiative from ACE (Act, Change Educate). Our purpose is to raise money to fund basic, adult education, and vocational training at the Happy School in Phnom Penh Cambodia. The ACE Technology Donation Program turns your unneeded technology into cash which funds the operation of the Happy School and its various associated education programs.

How it works

You submit an online Device Donation Request Form
If approved, we send you a postage-paid transfer pack
A full data cleanse and maintenance is performed on your device
When sold you’re issued with a tax receipt for sale amount and the funds are used to break the poverty cycle
We ask you to donate technology devices which you no longer need. We then restore and sell your device. Once sold we issue you a tax deductible receipt for the sum we sold it for acknowledging your donation to ACE.

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Privacy and Security Process

Our processes ensure each machine donated is subject to a stringent DBAN 3 pass erasure prior to any work commencing on the machine. No user data is interacted with. The moment the machine arrives it is booted from a read only medium and erased. It is critical no important data be left behind on donated machines as there is no way of restoration.

What You Can Donate

We happily accept devices matching the following criteria: Apple & Selected PC Products.

  1. Laptops, Mini PC’s, iPads & Tablets, iPhone & Smartphones
  2. No older than 5 years old.
  3. No cracks/damage/large marks.
  4. Fair wear and tear only
Become a ACE Device Donor Partner

ACE are actively seeking business partners who wish to donate their decommissioned laptops. Our privacy and security process ensure that all data is completely removed from the device before it is sold. Again, tax receipts are issued for all sold devices. Please contact us if your business is interested in this program.


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