ACE (Act, Change, Educate) | Donations & Support

What does your donation buy?

All figures are in Australian dollars.


  • $7 /week
  • covers the full cost
    of education for one child

  • This includes: books and study materials, uniform, daily breakfast, computer training, English lessons, sport and recreation activities and pathway opportunities into state school or vocational training.
  • $20 /week
  • covers professional
    computer training

  • This is the salary
    of a computer teacher
    who can deliver lessons
    to over 40 students
    per day.
  • $40 /week
  • provides food and
    health benefits

  • This includes 25kg
    of rice and dental hygiene
    packs for students and
    their families, four
    times a year.
  • $50 /week
  • provides
    specialist knowledge

  •   This covers
    the salary
    of a highly
    head teacher.


  • $7 /once off
  • = Education for a week

  • Such a small amount buys one student’s education for a whole week.
  • $50 /once off
  • = 40 meals

  • That’s right – only $50 buys breakfast for every student for one week.
  • $100 /once off
  • = school uniforms

  • Your donation of $100 buys school uniforms for 13 students.
Once-off donations can be made directly to the ACE Bank Account using the details below:

Account Name: Australians for Cambodian Education  |  Bank: ANZ  |  BSB: 013400  |  ACCOUNT: 4996 23628

Donations are Tax Deductible:

ACE is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) with the Australian Tax Office, so please keep your receipt.

What does it cost us?

All figures are in Australian dollars.
20%$170 per year

to support one student at state school.

40%$250 per month

to buy daily breakfast for each student.

60%$540 per quarter

to buy rice for students and their families.

80%$1,350 per year

to put six young people through the Vocational training program and into traineeships.

100%$15,400 per year

to cover all staff salaries.


You can help to support ACE and the Happy School in the following ways:

Corporate Support

Donating money to The Happy School not only greatly supports the goals and achievements of the School but can also actively support your company’s own objectives. And now that ACE has achieved Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, the appeal for businesses to donate is even greater. ACE welcomes all corporate support with open arms and is keen to establish long and fruitful relationships with your workplace!

Become a Committee Member

Interested in joining a committed, passionate, fun-loving group of people whose idea of making the world a better place for underprivileged kids involves at least as much fun as it does work? Then drop us a line!

Volunteer at an Event or at the School

Volunteering is the name of the game at ACE. You can help us on the ground by raising funds or experience the full richness of the School itself – just send us details of when you’ll be in Cambodia and what project you’d like to embark upon at the School. Please note, all School-based volunteering will need to be at least 6 weeks in duration in order to meld with the current curriculum, and you will be required to undergo both a Police Check and a Working with Children Check.

Device Donation Program

The ACE Technology Donation program is another fundraising initiative from ACE. Our purpose is to raise money to fund basic, adult education, and vocational training at the Happy School in Phnom Penh Cambodia. The ACE Technology Donation Program turns your unneeded technology into cash which funds the operation of the Happy School and its various associated education programs.

Learn more about how you or your business can support the Happy School by donating unwanted devices.