ACE (Act, Change, Educate) | ACE, Act Change Educate support the Happy School program in Cambodia

What is the Happy School?

The Happy School in Phnom Penh was established as a local community initiative in response to the large number of children who simply couldn’t afford to go to school. After the School was blown away in a storm, a small group of foreigners organised fundraisers in their home countries and soon raised enough money to rebuild.

This formed ACE (initially Australians for Cambodian Education).
From 2004, in the School’s new stable premises, ACE began offering core education programs to local children and has continued to expand the School’s curriculum, which currently includes the following core student programs (Class 1-6):

 Vital statistics


$333.33: cost per student for school fees, uniforms, vocational training, work placements, support & scholarships to the state school system, breakfast & rice support for families.


The number of staff directly employed by ACE.


The number of people directly affected by the Happy School education of the 60 students each year, as well as the exponential effect this has on an ongoing basis.


The number of years that ACE has been operating and making a difference to the lives of Cambodian children thanks to your donations.